This blog is a research platform organizing projects, examples, and thoughts surrounding the idea of an urban mapping which reads the city as a network of individual activities and relationships in time rather than as a static form. This research looks at the city both from within and from above as kind of urban cat-scan. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Living Axon and Datascapes- 90,000 hours of A/V analyzed

I have not posted in a while as I have been so busy with too many exciting projects. I have come across many things that belong in this blog but today's find led me to post again. This project by Deb Roy of MIT (via a former student) touches on various layers of the research and experiments I and my students have been working on. I saw in it pieces of so many of our experiments which all started with a/v which eventually became the origination of this blog. This project by Roy, The Birth of a Word, has a fascinating example of the data that can be drawn out of audio and video imagery and how it can inform us. It also shows a bit of experimentation with how the imagery can be filtered in order to become useful. I am terming the imagery where you move through the house as "Living Axonometric", in the spirit of one of our projects, "Living Section".